US grappiling

Amber Carter: Gold No Gi, Gi, and Gi Absolute.
Ryan Lloyd: FIRST COMPETITION; he had a tough first match and lost on points in Gi.
Noel Strain: Bronze in No Gi and Silver in No Gi Absolute.
Vinicent Holland: Got fourth in Advanced No Gi Absolute.
Andy Anderson: Silver in No Gi!

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  • Our theme this month is motivation. Our homework is to think deep and about the things that drive us to our accomplishments. It’s a athletes job to posses a understanding of how to be motivated, and stay driven through obstacles and challenges.

    If you haven’t done so, read Coach Doug’s post for this month. Spend some time thinking and learn about what motivates you.

    Tying this into wrestling here’s some videos and pictures to pump you up with wrestling!

    How do you not get motivated by this guy.


    And the last but not least…..